Keynotes and Retreats

Happiness: Only in the Next: 7 Choices for Eternal Life  This program is filled with all kind of choices as the audience must choose between: wealth or poverty, self or others, quality or quantity, fidelity or betrayal, conviction or complacency, pride or proper pride, and forgiveness or condemnation. Only then will they begin to understand that the choices they make in this life may well determine what they will do in the next.

Desiderata: A Teenager's Journey to God  Desiderata literally means, "something highly desirable." And for teens, young adults, and parents, this presentation will deliver the Promise, Passion and Purification needed to grasp the power and mysteries of the Rosary.

Back To the Family   Memories from 100 outstanding families demonstrate how the best of parents raise, and are raised, by their children. Over 11,000 years of parenting experience are shared from 32 vignettes addressing the power of communication, discipline, engagment, motivation and spirituality.

First 5 Saturday Series  This program is modeled after David's First 5 Saturday Series to honor Our Lady's request at Fatima. Mary's impact on saints, popes, and peoples of the world are discussed in depth.

20/20 Perfect Mystery/Perfect Vision  David will walk the audience through all 20 mysteries of the Rosary and the power each invitation has had on past saints and contemporary souls all leading to an answer to the question: Quo Vadis?

Gethsemane: An Invitation to Eucharistic Adoration
   It’s not a question of time or energy. Rather it’s the reality that the words, "Remember Me." represent not only what you ask of Jesus, but what the Son of God asks of you.

For information on any of David’s keynote presentations or retreats, please call 517-324-0580 or cell 517-803-9100 or email him at:

Spiritual Programing

The Holy Spirit touches me that I may touch others. Maybe that’s why a movie that was released over sixty years ago inspired Happiness, Only in the Next: 7 Choices for Eternal Life; a Desiderata for teenagers and their parents was developed after I read an unusual commentary about a centuries old prayer; an unexpected invitation resulted in the delivery of a powerful message on 5 First Saturdays; clarity became 20/20; or a personal journey to Gethsemane, is one opportunity we all have to find eternal peace.