"The Holy Spirit touches me that I may touch others."


"David’s series on the Rosary does what I have not seen anyone do: offer practical examples of how these mysteries can be lived out in ordinary life situations through his own personal witness and the witness of other figures of faith. As writer and speaker David is both engaging and inspirational."
Rev. John P. Grigus, OFM Conv., Marytown

"Thank you for coming to Kansas to share Back To The Family. Your presentation was the highlight of our conference ." Glenda Watkins, Program Director, National State Teachers of the Year

"God shares Himself through the witness of His people. Your message does just that as you inspire others to experience the power of prayer, the Eucharist, Rosary, and lives of the saints. Your testimony is confirmation of Our Lady’s request at Fatima: One Mother, One Message ." Judy Edwards, Blue Army Lansing Diocese Delegate

"David’s message is fresh and simple, yet deep and inspirational as he navigates the jungle of moral choices. Using stories of Our Lady, the saints, and contemporary heroes, David attests to the power and beauty of God’s amazing grace." Maria Hoeflein, Coordinator, Heart to Heart .

"For David’s presentation you could hear a pin drop. He had us both crying and laughing. Coordinators remarked how many teens remembered his stories and the values they carried. David is the Catholic version of Tony Campolo." Jack Armstrong, Jamboree 2000 Coordinator

"When David speaks about our ’7’ choices for eternal life, he can only be described as sensational, fascinating, challenging, and inspirational, providing humor and amusement in one moment, and tears the next." Diane Lasek, President,  Diocesan Council of Catholic Women

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