Quo Vadis?  Encounters Choices Legacy

Quo Vadis? means "Where are you going?"

Directors and executives may think the answer lies in strategic plans. Managers and supervisors
may focus on sales, budgets, turnover ratios, financials or other metrics. Teachers and students,
on pass-fail assessments or grades ... coaches, on win-loss records ... congregations, attendance ...
judges, reduced caseloads ... and politicians, the size of their "war chest." As for parents, they may
look at their children's achievements as the measure of their own journey.

Quo Vadis? takes a different path.

Target Audience
Quo Vadis? Encounters Choices Legacy was developed for anyone who believes they have an accountability to maximize their talents in service to others. Whether the participant is a CEO or middle manager, teacher or student, parent or coach, the goal is the same: Deliver an exceptional learning experience that will, regardless of one's position or calling, identify "teachers" and their contributions that have made an impact on one's life; understand the decisions that all who wish to lead will ultimately face; and recognize that today's behavior will govern tomorrow'
s legacy.

Course Objectives
* Assess the implications current societal trends will have on the future.
* Identify leadership behaviors that will influence that future.
* Provide a critical thinking process to address the personal and professional choices that will occur      during one's lifetime.
* Challenge attendees to recall past events and encounters that have made a significant impact on the    their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors.
* Chart a course designed to help attendees achieve their legacy.

You'll encounter an advertising director who visually defines what is, and what is not, a "bad day;"
an executive whose approach to fidelity inspires an entire sales force; a father whose "face the wind"
philosophy is an antidote for adversity; a crippled wife and mother whose life is "perfect;" a patient who
gives 300 leaders the gift of forgiveness; and three CEOs whose wisdom, humility, and patience
is a blueprint for success.

Quo Vadis? CHOICES
Discover the consequences of ethical conflicts ... seductions ... and decisions that we each face
in our personal and professional lives. Other choices included in this module: servant leadership,
accountability, conviction, forgiveness, time and resource allocation, and proper pride.

Quo Vadis? LEGACY
Legacy conversations focus on what's important in life, and the obstacles that ultimately test one's character.  A final challenge calls for a "Legacy Letter" that answers the question: "Where am I going?"

The Gifts of Leadership series...
The Gifts of Leadership, Change, Truth, Language, Service and Happiness, helps others discover how they can challenge themselves, no matter their station in life, to become true leaders... in their families, organizations, worksites, and communites. In these inspiring and engaging encounters, David guides participants as they discover what it takes to leave behind a legacy of leadership that will also leave the world a better place.

The Gift of Change:  A Leadership Trilogy
Embrace change? You bet! During this three part presentation David will share the "gift of change" in three scenarios that all great leaders experience: family, organization, and community.

* Back to the Family - In the first part of the leadership trilogy, you'll experience the "12 gifts" children offer adults and experience the similarities in these blessings and the attributes all great leaders use to inspire others.

* Back to the Organization - Part two of the "Gift of Change" will share the wisdom of historical characters, strangers, and contemporary role models whose "attitude" adjustments represent a blueprint for change.

* Back to the Community - Ultimately, in experiencing the final session of the leadership trilogy, you'll see how, for great leaders, it's a matter of time and energy, since an investment in one's community can offer so much more.  Stories from a jungle in Gabon, Africa, a stranger in a chapel, and children who taught their parents to help others, set the tone for this powerful message.
The Gift of Truth: Blacks and Whites and Shades of Gray
Pontius Pilate once asked: "What is truth?" Maybe his question explains why organizations increasingly demand ethical behavior in the workplace; military brass offers a "values" curriculum in basic training; or government officials are attending "civility" seminars.

Program attendees will experience the "Final Four Values Tournament," the "I" survey, and other workshop tools followed by an in-depth discussion on the "five most important things in life."
Conviction required.
The Gift of Language: Good Words for Great Leaders
Patterned after David's book, The "F" Word: Good Words for Great Leaders, the author will introduce the power for freedom, focus, fortitude, fidelity, forbearance, forgiveness and faith.
Using vignettes from all walks of life, David will engage attendees to embrace the "7" most important words in the leadership lexicon. Encounters with a CEO who chose not to destroy the competition; the man with no face; Kairos, Dante, and Aunt Gerry; the Chamber of the Silent; and Katrina, all help chart a
course for outstanding leadership. 

The Gift of Service: "Heart and Soul" Accountability
Some people go through life believing the world is indebted to them; true leaders know the exact opposite is true - that each of us owes much to many. Who has touched us that we now have the accountability to touch others? That's the question anyone responsible for inspiring others must answer. Unfortunately, too many people in positions of authority fail to grasp this "calling."
From a stranger's trilogy to a remarkable story of customer forgiveness, attendees will learn what servant leadership means to organizations, customers, communities, and employees.
The Gift of Happiness: A Legacy of Leadership: 7 Essential Choices
Anyone can spend eternity trying to figure out how to be happy in this world, or they can be a true leader by doing what it takes to experience eternal happiness. This program reviews seven seductions- money, beauty, intelligence, relationships,
gratifications, privilege, and power - that too often lead to failed leadership.

Conversely, what you do with what you've been given; how you serve others; what you do with your time; whether you're faithful to your obligations; what you stand for; whether you share your gifts; and if you forgive those who fail, will ultimately define your leadership legacy.

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Keynotes and Retreats
Are you wondering where all the great leaders have gone? Understandably, by the standards employed by some organizations, elected officials, trusted authorities and government agencies, you might actually believe that no one embraces ethical behavior any more... that values and morals have taken a backseat to what's easiest and most comfortable... that there is nothing to be gained by living a life of integrity... that service to others ranks far below service to self... and that the individual pursuit of happiness in the here-and-now is what matters most.  Fortunately, Quo Vadis? Encounters Choices Legacy and The Gifts of Leadership keynotes, workshops, and retreats have been designed for those who wish to both lead and serve others.
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