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The Latin phrase Quo Vadis asks the question: "Where are you going?" But for many, the answer is far from simple. To address this challenge, Quo Vadis? Encounters Choices Legacy and The Gifts of Leadership is based on the belief that one's legacy will be defined by Life's encounters and experiences and the choices he or she makes in their personal and professional journey.

Quo Vadis? Encounters Choices Legacy

David Paul Eich
Keynote Presentations and Retreats

That is the question David’s Spiritual Track attempts to answer. Perhaps his calling began that evening in the chapel when he was stunned by a stranger whose visitation led the author to question his personal relationship with God. Or maybe it was the deformed teenagers whose haunting words reminded him that people have touched his life and he now has the accountability to touch others. From a garden called Gethsemane, to a village named Fatima—from saints who show us the way, to sinners who’ve lost their way—this is one journey that may well answer the question: Where are you going?

Quo Vadis?