The 'F' Word

David shares what he learned from several "teachers," whose stories set the bar for those who strive to become outstanding leaders. Readers will meet the teenager whose freedom to smile in the face of death, gives new meaning to a positive attitude; an advertising director who taught the author how to focus on what is, and what is not, "a bad day;" a marketing executive whose unusual approach to fidelity inspired an entire sales force; a father whose "face the wind" philosophy represents an antidote for adversity; a crippled wife and mother that claims her life has been "perfect;" an unbelievable testimonial by a patient who personally gave three hundred health care executives the gift of forgiveness; and the Peace Corps volunteer, who found God in the smiles of two starving children.

These role models join several others as they provide the lessons and principles necessary for good men and women to become great leaders.

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The 'F' Word: Good Words for Great Leaders

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